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    Process and application of zinc alloy die casting

    Zinc alloy die casting can be compensated for by the low pressure of the processing facility shed pressure facility, which greatly reduces the forging load. It has been suggested that superplastic zinc alloys are in the process of being able to stagnate the economical intrusion forging process, although this process has a long-term deficiency in forming, but the rational function. Therefore, with the stagnation of superplastic zinc alloys, everyone expects to stagnate some processes that are economically meaningful, and then do not use the superplasticity of the alloy to consume fine standard parts. When superplastic zinc alloys are already in the category of general thermal processing, the required forming loads are similar to those of conservative commercial alloys. Because superplastic zinc alloys are being settled at room temperature for better machine function, the market demand for superplastic zinc alloys has increased.
    Zinc alloy die-casting is of course more economical when it is allowed by the structure and die-casting process. Because the specific gravity of zinc alloy is about 2.6 times that of aluminum alloy, but the price is equivalent, zinc alloy die-casting parts are two or three times more expensive than aluminum alloy die-casting parts in terms of material cost. Because many companies now want to use aluminum alloy instead of zinc alloy die casting in order to save costs, some features are irreplaceable, because zinc alloy has better strength, hardness and forming performance than aluminum alloy.
    The quality standard of zinc alloy die-casting is the life of the enterprise, the core of improving the competitiveness of the enterprise, and the important condition for improving the economic benefits of the enterprise. Therefore, improving the quality of zinc alloy die-casting parts, whether for the economic benefits of die-casting enterprises or reducing the waste of resources Social benefits are very beneficial.
    Introduction to the process difference of zinc alloy die casting
    The difference in process is that: stamping is a cold extrusion forming process for thin sheets; cold forging is a forming process below the recrystallization temperature of materials; hot forging is a forming process above the recrystallization temperature of materials; zinc alloy die casting plants consider die casting and Compared to injection molding, the liquefied metal is cooled and formed in the mold. As for the processing accuracy, it depends on the design requirements. Generally speaking, die casting and cold forging are relatively high, but the quality is reliable.