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    Basic requirements for die casting alloys

    Basic requirements for die casting alloys
    The properties of the alloy include both performance and process performance. Performance is a general requirement placed on the alloy for the conditions of use of the casting, including physical, mechanical and chemical properties. As for the process performance, for die casting, according to the characteristics of the die casting process, the alloy used for die casting should have the following properties:
    (1) The liquid fluidity is good, and it is convenient to fill the complex cavity to obtain the die casting with good surface quality.
    (2) There is sufficient strength and plasticity at high temperatures.
    (3) The shrinkage rate is small to avoid deformation and cracking of the casting during demolding, and to help ensure the dimensional accuracy of the die casting.
    (4) The crystallization temperature range is small to prevent excessive shrinkage and shrinkage of the die casting.
    (5) The corrosion of the mold cavity is small.