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    Talking about the Structural Design Skills of Aluminum Die Castings

    Talking about the Structural Design Skills of Aluminum Die Castings
    1. Considering the problem of wall thickness, the difference in thickness will affect the filling;
    2, considering the problem of demoulding, this is very important in the practice of aluminum die-casting, which often presents such problems in reality. This is more difficult to handle than injection molding. Therefore, the setting of the draft angle and the calculation of the demolding force of the fixed mold should be paid special attention. Usually, the draft angle is 1 to 3 degrees, usually considering the smoothness of the demoulding. The outer drawing die is smaller than the inner drawing die, the outer drawing die is also 1 degree, and the inner drawing die is about 2~3 degrees;
    3, the design takes into account the problem of mold design, if there are multiple positions of the heart, try to put two heads, the best not to put in the lower position, so that the time will be prone to problems after a long time;
    4, some die-casting parts can have special requirements, such as injection, dusting, etc., when the layout is necessary to avoid the important appearance of the orientation to facilitate the setting of the gate overflow trough;
    5, in the layout to avoid rendering the layout of the layout of the mold is complicated, such as having to use multiple hearts or spirals;
    6. For parts that need to be surface-machined, note that it is necessary to give a suitable amount of machining during the design of the part. It should not be too much. Otherwise, the pores inside will be exposed, and not too little. Otherwise, the rough positioning will be processed. The black skin has not been disposed of yet, so you will wait for the spark on the mold. How much does it give? The best amount is not more than 0.8mm, so that the processed surface can hardly see the pores because of the hard layer. protection of;
    7, then there is to pay attention to the choice of materials, is to use ADC12 or A380, etc., depending on the specific requirements;
    8, aluminum alloy has no elasticity, to be buckled as long as the plastic;
    9, usually can not do deep holes! Only make a hole when opening the mold, and then post-processing;
    10. If it is a thin-walled part, it should not be too thin, and it must be strengthened with ribs to increase the bending resistance! Because the temperature of aluminum castings is about 800 degrees Celsius! The life of the mold is usually short. Usually, if it is like a motor casing, it will be damaged as long as it is about 80K!