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    What is the special technology of aluminum alloy die casting?

    Introduction of aluminum alloy die-casting factory, mastering the chemical properties of zinc alloy die-casting parts During the process of degreasing or etching, if strong acid or alkali is used, the plating will be foamed and peeled, which will affect the plating parts. The yield is so low that it is not possible to use strong acids or bases.
    Aluminum alloy die-casting plant accelerates the bonding speed of zinc alloy die-casting parts before plating and slot plating. After removing the oil stain on the surface of zinc alloy die-casting parts, and immediately after the oxide film, the parts are placed in the plating tank for electroplating to avoid surface regeneration. An oxide film, or hydrate, affects the adhesion of the coating.
    The aluminum alloy die-casting factory said that the development of zinc alloy die-casting molds in traditional stainless steel products has begun to expose its drawbacks. Its quality commitment has begun to be questioned, and its channel price system has been in a relatively transparent state. Jinsheng zinc alloy processing technology color steel The protective window absorbs the advantages of the current door and window.
    It is a new product with unique functions and its own zinc alloy processing technology security window. It is the third generation replacement of protective window. It integrates safety and aesthetics. It adopts unique welding-free assembly line operation and combined shuttle structure. Accepting the baptism of the market, in line with the needs of the market and consumers, its birth will be an epoch-making revolution in the history of protective windows.