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    Die casting machine needs and maintenance points

    First, the environmental needs
    1) Keep the die casting machine and its surroundings clean. For magnesium alloy die-casting parts, special attention should be paid to smoking and drinking water at the work site.
    2) The space near the die casting machine is unblocked, and the ventilation and ventilation equipment should be excellent in working conditions. The materials and auxiliary equipment used should be placed according to the needs of fixed management.
    3) After adding hydraulic oil or lubricating oil, the leaked oil should be wiped off as soon as possible.
    4) Magnesium alloy furnace operators should wear safety uniforms, gloves and masks.
    5) Be careful and safe first, and prohibit unrelated personnel from entering the operation area.
    6) For the magnesium alloy die-casting workshop, fire-preventing devices should be installed in a prominent area, such as: at least 5 fire extinguishers (D-class fire extinguishers) dry salt and dry sand, dust-free asbestos mats, etc. Special attention: Do not use water, ordinary fire-extinguishing powder, foam, CO2, N2 to extinguish the fire!
    Second, the operational needs
    1, before starting
    1) Check the safety door should be flexible. Check the front and rear safety door limit switch (吉) should be normal: turn on the machine power switch, close the front and rear safety doors, observe the corresponding output signal of the PLC in the electrical box, the light is on, it means normal, the light is off, stop it. The corresponding line.
    2) Check that the emergency stop button should be normal. Check the total pressure of the hydraulic system and the setting of various utility parameters to meet the work requirements.
    2, boot
    1) It is forbidden to put your hand into the die-casting machine (die) or take the material from it by hand.
    2) It is forbidden to adjust the machine setting parameters arbitrarily without permission, and should be adjusted by professionals.
    3) When the machine malfunctions or the alarm signal sounds, it should stop immediately, cut off the power supply, open the protective door, and then repair the machine.
    4) High-quality die-cast alloy ingots should be used to avoid the inclusion of moisture and oil-containing alloy materials in the furnace.
    5) The recycled material of the alloy ingot needs special treatment to recognize that its chemical composition meets the demand before it can be reused. It is not allowed to put the slag directly into the furnace.
    Third, other needs
    1. When the machine is repaired
    1) You cannot step on each sheet metal or rail with your foot.
    2) You can't use any tool to easily hit all parts of the machine.
    3) The parts and safety doors and safety guards that are removed during machine maintenance should be as they are and on the fashion.
    2, when the machine is repaired
    1) Turn off the power switch during maintenance.
    2) When the hot parts are repaired and replaced, the temperature should be lowered before proceeding.
    3) The ground and neutral wires of the appliance cannot be removed.
    3, spraying rust inhibitor
    When the type (mold) is not used for a long time, a layer of rust inhibitor should be sprayed on the surface of the mold.
    Fourth, die casting machine daily viewing project
    1) Check whether the control system and motor power can be cut off during a tight shutdown.
    2) Check that the central lubrication system should be intact. When starting the machine, it should be able to automatically deliver oil and automatically load the oil according to the set demand.
    3) Check that the furnace temperature control system should be normal.
    4) Test and view with manual/automatic conditions, respectively, and stop the lock type (mode) movement when the safety door is swinged or half-spread.
    5) Check the hydraulic system working pressure should meet the machine specifications.
    6) Whether the viewing type (mold) is firmly mounted on the fixed seat plate and the movable seat plate.
    7) After starting for a period of time, check the oil temperature. The oil temperature should not exceed 55 °C during long-term operation.
    8) Check that the safety door limit switch (Kyrgyzstan) should be normal.
    9) Check that the grounding wire in the main electrical box should be intact.